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Current Status of Funding for Rape Crisis Centers

23 Mar 2013 6:12 PM | Michelle Richter

There has been a lot of movement regarding funding for rape crisis centers in the last couple of months.  There are still a lot of moving parts so most of this may change.  But here is the current status of funding for rape crisis centers:

VOCA and VAWA (Governor’s Office)

As a result of sequestration, VOCA and VAWA grants from the Governor’s office may be reduced by 5% starting Sept 1, 2013.  This is best guess, as the federal government has not passed a continuing resolution yet (although I hear they might have reached an agreement!).

In addition, please make sure to check to if your home county (the county where your main o! ffice is) is on pace to be at or above 90% on reporting adult criminal history dispositions to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) by August 1, 2013. CJD will periodically post updated criminal history disposition reports on its website and will be sending monthly updates to regional councils of government.  You may locate the most recent list by going to the eGrants log-on screen and clicking on Updates and then Important Notices.  You may access the current list by clicking here.

OAG – Victim Assistance Grants

As you know, the CVC Fund is the revenue source for several types of victim assistance grants (SAPC! S-State, OVAG, CAC, CASA to name a few).  In the fall the OAG predicted a 57% cut to these grants because of declining balances in the CVC Fund.  In January, the legislature’s base bill restored the victim assistance grants 100%.  This is great news, but is subject to change until the budget is finalized and the legislative session ends (May 27, 2013). 

That said, the victims assistance grants will most likely be effected by sequestration as some of the original source of funding is VOCA.  Grant reductions are still unknown, but could range from 5-10% as a result of sequestration.   

OAG – RPE Funds (or SAPCS-Federal)

Starting Sept 1, there will most likely be a more than 5% cut for SAPCS-Federal funds.  VAWA Reauthorization included a new formula fo r RPE distribution to the states that included baseline funding which ! means high population states will actually get a little less money since it is currently ALL population based rather than mostly population based.  

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