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Two Updates

07 Apr 2013 5:28 PM | Michelle Richter

Two important updates..


First, federal funding amounts for VOCA are still undetermined and currently face risk of additional reductions.   Here are some details from the NAVAA.org website.  Attorney General Eric Holder informed Senate appropriators that the Justice Department will reprogram "donated" funds intended for grants (e.g. VOCA, VAWA, Byrne JAG grants, etc) to offset sequestration cuts to other DOJ components. The Attorney General has authority to reprogram up to 5 percent from among DOJ accounts. According to recent news reports, DOJ will transfer $150 million from some (still unknown) DOJ accounts to alleviate sequestration cuts to the Bureau of Prison. Although the exact amount is unknown, a transfer of the maximum 5 percent from the Crime Victims Fund would further redu! ce the amount available for VOCA programs.


Worst case scenario, there is a potential 16.8% cut to VOCA grant programs.   Please call your US. Representative and Senators and ask that Eric Holder be pressured NOT to ‘donate’ funding intended for victim services.


Second, HB 1229 (a bill to create a statewide campus sexual assault task force) was heard in committee yesterday.  There was some excellent testimony.  You can watch the recorded video here (you will need real player on your computer).  The testimony on HB 1229 starts at the 14 minute mark and includes some powerful survivor testimony around the 46 minute mark.



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